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A cost reduction of €2336.70 each year

Linear guides on the SEPRO 3-axis robots

Initial situation

Hertus specialise in injection and finishing techniques for glass and plastic media. The site has 11 injection presses equipped with SEPRO robots. SEPRO recommend greasing kits for the linear guides. But the kits are not reliable:

- Juddering issues.
- Premature wear on the guides.
- Extra lubrication regularly required.
- The grease dries and clogs the guides.

Furthermore, the client needs an NSF-H1 product. Dry, steam and release of gas associated with the plastic injection process create a hars environment.

Our solution

Interflon Food Lube (aerosol) with NSH-H1 approval, provides the linear guides with a dry smooth MicPol® lubrication film, leading to:

1- Reduced maintenance costs.
2- Much cleaner environment.
3- Increased reliability.


1) No need for any greasing kits for the 11 presses.
2) Robots operate optimally.
3) No need for greasing operations.

Cost saving

- No more greasing kit replacements: a direct saving of 11 x €225.00 = €2475.00/year.

- Actual cost: 1 Interflon Food Lube aerosol every 2 months for all 11 robots.

Or 6 Interflon Food Lube aerosols/year, costing 6 x €23.05 = €138.30/year.

A cost reduction of €2336.70 each year.

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