Case studies


Expected annual savings over € 8.000,-

Oven chains lubrication on the steel capsule painting line

Initial situation

Sector: production of steel closures for glass containers for food & beverage.

On the coating lines of the capsules intended for the closure of the glass containers of jams, marmalades and fruit homogenized products, the chains work at 180 ° C, continuously translating the cooking surface of the oven. Due to the type of application, the working conditions in place and the type of lubrication used, 2-3 chains must be replaced every year at a cost ranging from € 3.000,- to € 3.500,- per chain.

Our solution

Interflon Lube HT / SF


  • Avoid replacing the chains
  • Reduced maintenance interventions
  • Increased safety in the workplace
  • Production increased


Over the years, the customer has discovered at his own expense, through testing many products, that it is only thanks to Interflon MicPol® Technology that he is able to improve operating conditions and avoid premature chain replacement.

A saving of €8.200,- has been calculated for the sole purpose of eliminating chain replacement. Added to this are the savings from less maintenance interventions, machine downtime and thus an improvement in production cycles and in the safety of the working

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