Safety first

Food grade products

Food and beverage producers agree: nothing compares to the conditions in the food industry. The industry is strictly regulated, as the products are intended for human consumption. Any deviation from the strict rules can lead to contamination of products, with the risk of infections, illness and litigation.

If you are a maintenance manager in the food industry, you face several unique challenges: supervision by multiple regulatory agencies, keeping highly automated and complex equipment in operation, and ensuring worker safety; all during the production of goods intended for human use.

Interflon food safe products for your food processing and beverage plants

The challenge of wet environments and a 24/7 regime

Due to strict hygiene regulations, many food producers work in wet environments. This is a disaster for processing machines. Powerful cleaning equipment washes away lubricants, requiring frequent re-lubrication. This results in high lubricant consumption and takes up a lot of valuable working time.

As a food processor, you are in business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to stay competitive. Your maintenance team has the difficult task of performing maintenance in those conditions. After all, downtime costs a lot of money and food safety inspections are nerve-racking.

Choose the proper maintenance strategy

The three main types of equipment maintenance are: reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance. A predictive maintenance strategy allows you to improve overall maintenance activities to minimise downtime and associated revenue loss. This is the simplest method. In reality, more than 60% of maintenance is reactive due to lack of maintenance products. Or preventive maintenance is carried out with machine parts being replaced long before they are worn out. Do you have any idea how much money that costs?

Over 20,000 food producers already work with Interflon

At Interflon we understand that food-grade lubricants are essential to your business operations. They minimise downtime and ensure safe operations. The modified configuration and size of machines in food processing plants, combined with the challenging conditions (steam, condensation, heat and organic matter) call for lubricants and greases with modified properties and emergency running properties to increase machine reliability.

Compliance with the strictest requirements

Our food-grade lubricants and cleaners are specially developed for the challenging working conditions of food processing plants and beverage factories. Interflon's innovative lubricants meet the stringent health and safety requirements of organisations such as NSF, HACCP, BRC and IFC and they are kosher- and halal-certified. The documents and certificates that are important to you are always up to date and can be viewed online 24/7.

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