High-pressure lubricating grease

The MicPol® enriched Interflon high pressure lubricating grease minimises friction between moving machine parts and extends the service life of your machines. Immediately save on the replacement, repair and maintenance costs of machines and machine parts used under high pressure with Interflon's lubricating greases.

Directly to Interflon lubricating grease for use at high pressure.

High-pressure lubricating grease enriched with MicPol®

The high-quality Interflon Extreme Pressure (EP) lubricating grease, enriched with MicPol®, reduces friction and wear much better than conventional lubricants. The Interflon MicPol® technology has excellent resistance to high pressures due to its effective lubricating film and durable adhesion.

Extension of the service life of high-pressure components

Interflon's high-pressure grease is the solution for adverse conditions with extremely heavy loads and a lot of water washout. It provides optimum protection against rust, corrosion and wear. You choose Interflon's high-pressure grease for the lubrication of low to medium speed moving bearings etc. in the food industry. You extend service intervals and reduce maintenance, lubricant and energy consumption.

Advantages of high-pressure lubricating grease

By lubricating with Interflon high-pressure grease, you will benefit from:

  • Reduction of friction and wear much better than conventional lubricants
  • Prolonging the life of components subjected to high pressure
  • Prevention of loss of lubricant protection in humid conditions.
  • · Inhibition of rust and corrosion

Lubricating grease for high pressure in your industry

Interflon high-pressure grease workst well for the lubrication of shock-loaded or vibrating applications to prevent friction and wear. Large machines often operate under high pressure and harsh conditions. Think of machines in agriculture and the packaging industry. In addition, Interflon high-pressure grease is an excellent choice for the lubrication of low to medium speed moving bearings etc. in the food industry.

Interflon offers a highly pressure-resistant and water-resistant high-pressure grease: Interflon Food Grease EP.

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