Hydraulic lubricating oil

Reduce wear on your hydraulic installations, and oil-lubricated bearings with premium Interflon hydraulic oils, enriched with MicPol®. Our hydraulic oil is the best hydraulic oil for stationary and mobile hydraulic systems. It will enable you to save on repairs, maintenance and the replacement of essential machine components, and will also save energy.

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Hydraulic oil enriched with MicPol®

Our MicPol® technology reinforces the properties of our hydraulic oil. The inclusion of additives makes our hydraulic oil ideally suited to applications in hydraulic installations. Interflon hydraulic oil performs better and provides a considerably better price-performance ratio than ordinary hydraulic lubricants. This premium hydraulic oil-based liquid forms an ultra-thin lubricating film for a very smooth surface and an exceptionally effective long-term reduction of friction. By lubricating them with Interflon hydraulic oil, your hydraulic machines will go on for longer, with less maintenance.

Hydraulic oil for the transfer of power

Hydraulic oil is intended to transfer power between systems better. The transfer of power can also be done by excavators for example. Hydraulic oil is divided into the ISO viscosities VG 32, 46 and 68. The higher the viscosity, the better the hydraulic oil can handle major changes in temperature. Interflon hydraulic oil is very suitable for general machine lubrication and in central lubrication systems, reduces the oil temperature and noise and has a high oxidation stability for prolonged oil life. It also reduces leaks and the “stick-slip” of valves and cylinders, has a high water-separation capacity and is the premium oil-based hydraulic liquid permitted in the food industry.

Benefits of Interflon hydraulic oil

Interflon hydraulic oil extends the life of machines with a hydraulic drive.

Other benefits:

  • Less wear, lower energy consumption
  • Considerably lower operating temperature
  • Better water-separation capacity to protect the surface better
  • Less formation of hard carbon deposits for a longer life
  • Better resistance to ageing for a longer oil life
  • Fewer premature defects in components

Hydraulic oil for your systems

Hydraulic pumps and systems are often heavily loaded, which can lead to high electricity consumption and temperatures which are too great. Standard hydraulic oil is not always resistant to these environmental factors. By lubricating with Interflon Food Lube H, your hydraulic systems will suffer less wear. As a result, operating temperature is reduced, often considerably, you use less energy and avoid unscheduled downtime.

Check out Interflon hydraulic oil: Interflon Food Lube H32, Interflon Food Lube H46 and Interflon Food Lube H68.

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