Car manufacturing

Extend your PM's and increase uptime

Downtime is a serious threat to any car manufacturing plant. One of the most dreaded scenarios within a car manufacturing plant is that if one area backs up, it can have a snowball effect on other areas waiting for completion of prior processes to deliver parts to them.

In order to prevent down-time the PM's are maintained very short. It's cheaper to plan and execute more PM's and replace parts far before they break than having the production line stopped due to equipment failure. But the cost of this preventive regime is high.

Some applications in Car manufacturing

Stop to oil dripping from the assembly line chain

The high loads on the chains require a proper lubrication regime. With conventional petrochemical lubricants there is a great risk of oil dripping on the cars. That requires frequent cleaning and/or adapt the amount of oil used with premature wear, stick-slip or high preventive costs as a result.

With Interflon lubricants that penetrate in the pin and bush, like Interflon Lube TF or Interflon Food Lube G150, the chains are optimally lubricated with a dry film, requiring a little amount and less frequent. Dust does not stick to it and it eliminates the risk of oil dripping. Due to less friction, chains last longer and use less energy.

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No leaking production line gearboxes anymore and energy reduction

Walking around the production line, more than once you will find leaking gearboxes, due to the fact that they work under high loads. Conventional gear oils don't support those high loads and cold start frictions, overheat and loose viscosity and lubrication properties, dragging wear particles to seals and gaskets causing leaks. Frequent oils fills and changes are the result, having more production stops (=downtime) than desired.

With Interflon Grease MP00, a semi-liquid grease with MicPol® particles, support far more load than conventional gear oils, reducing temperature, eliminating leaks (grease does not transport wear particles) and save on energy. In some cases we measured a reduction of 33%!

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