Drastically extended lubrication intervals

Can you imagine a more harsh environment that equipment has to work in? Seawater, high loads, sand and continuously changing weather conditions lead to high lubrication intervals and high consumption.

If you add to that the fact that dredging equipment always works on location, often having limited space to stock lubricants and therefore have to search for equivalent lubricants on location (not always easy), and you can imagine how important it is to extend lubrication intervals. Apart from using lubricants supporting the harsh conditions.

Some applications in Dredging

Grease not rinsed out by seawater on vertical guides spuds

Conventional greases are rinsed out by the seawater. Typically, after 8 weeks, the lubricating film has completely disappeared . Sometimes, the grease is already gone after just a few spud movements. A high greasing frequency cannot be maintained; when the pontoon is in service, lubrication is not possible. The maintenance is a very dangerous task because the location where the lubrication needs to take place is very difficult to reach. Very high costs of repair of wear.

Interflon Grease OG, a very adhesive transparent grease with MicPol® in a handy aerosol, is not rinsed out and withstands the extreme loads. Typically, after lubricating once a week for a few weeks, the interval can be established at once a month. Eventually noise problem are solved forever (people on board like that), all leading to a strongly reduced grease consumption and cost saving.

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Crown gear

9x less grease needed on Backhoe Dredger crown gear

Lubrication, through a central lubrication, of the mono cylinder and the crown gear bearing has to be done very frequently (every 20 minutes!) because of the harsh conditions and high loads. That leads to a very grease consumption of typically 200L per 2 weeks, occupying a lot of storage space needed on board. Conventional greases getting rinsed out create a considerable environmental pollution.

With the use of Interflon Grease LS2, a long-threaded very water resistant grease with MicPol®, lubrication interval can be extended to once every 180 minutes (factor 9!), resulting in less grease on board and less environmental pollution. Customers using Interflon Grease LS2 have experiences considerably less wear on the shaft bushings as well. All leading to huge cost savings and having to stock much less grease.

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