Reduce down-time and save on energy

Laundries have to deliver on time, so down-time can be fatal. For each hour your equipment is down a lot of laundry will not be completed. On the other hand energy costs are rising, given that laundries are heavily reliant on water, heat and electricity for their operations.

Maintaining your laundry equipment to avoid production losses is quite a challenge in a wet, steamy and dusty environment. Using too much lubricant to beat these 'enemies' can be contraproductive, but is necessary to guarantee a smooth and clean operation.

Some applications in Laundries

No more dust sticking to chains and guides of conveyors

These conveyors operate in a steamy environment (temperatures of up to 150°C) with a lot of dust and textile fluff. Using 'wet' conventional lubricants attract dust to the chains and guides, creating an abrasive paste that can fling on the garments. If not lubricated frequently (at least once a week), chains often jam and finally break, resulting in costly damage and down-time.

Interflon Lube TF effectively penetrates into the pins of the chain and offers a water repellent dry MicPol® lubrication film preventing dust and lint sticking to it. Thanks to the MicPol®, lubrication intervals can be extended by a factor 4 and friction is reduced to a minimum generating energy saving as well.

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Steam heater

Huge energy savings on gearboxes

Gearboxes, for example of the steam heaters, suffer a lot under the conditions they have to operate in. Hot and extremely dusty environments are not favourable for conventional gear oils, losing lubrication properties and increasing friction.

With Interflon Food Lube G220 (also available in other ISO VG viscosity grades) with MicPol® technology, not only emergency running properties are added to the gearoil (i.e. at cold start), but also reduce friction significantly preventing wear and tear, and at the same time reducing energy consumption. Sometimes up to 15%!

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