Greases for less maintenance

Prevent premature wear or damage to your machines. With Interflon's greases you do not only increase the availability of your machinery, you also have less maintenance and thus save significantly on costs. Our greases – with MicPol® technology – protect your machines and machine parts even better. Interflon has a wide range of greases and assembly pastes suitable for various environments and conditions.

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The importance of the right grease

A grease is a thickened oil that ensures that less premature wear occurs in machines. In doing so, grease seals off the surface. When choosing the right lubricating grease, it is naturally important to take account of the environment or conditions win which the grease is to be used, such as an environment with high temperatures, very high speeds or food processing industries. A wrongly chosen oil can lead to damage to machines. Interflon has an extensive range of lubricating greases and can advise you on the correct greases for your situation.

Types of grease

Interflon offers various types of lubricating grease for heavy and food-related industries. Our greases are enriched with MicPol®; a unique and innovative technology that protects machines and components better. Interflon can supply you with heat-resistant grease, water-resistant grease, grease for low temperatures, high pressure grease, multi-purpose grease and food grade grease. We are happy to help you select the correct grease for your application.

Heat-resistant grease

If you work with machines that have to cope with high temperatures, we recommend heat-resistant grease. Extend the life of your machines and protect machine components against wear caused by high temperatures. Read more about Interflon heat-resistant greases.

Water-resistant grease

Extend the life of your machines with Interflon’s water-resistant greases. Our water-resistant greases deliver top performance in the most demanding conditions. Read more about Interflon water-resistant grease.

Lubricating grease for low temperatures

Prevent wear, even at low temperatures or exposure to winter weather and extend the life of your machines with Interflon lubricating grease for low temperatures. You also save considerably on maintenance and replacement costs. Read more about Interflon low-temperature grease.

High-pressure grease

Save directly on replacement, repair and maintenance costs of machines and machine components that operate under high pressure with Interflon’s high-pressure lubricating greases. The advanced formula of our high-pressure lubricating greases ensure that the life of your machines is considerably extended. Read more about Interflon high-pressure grease.

Multi-purpose grease

The multi-purpose greases from Interflon - enriched with MicPol® - are universally applicable. By lubricating your machines and machine components properly, you will extend their life and save on maintenance and replacement. Read more about Interflon multi-purpose greases.

Grease sprays

Interflon offers lubricating grease in an aerosol so that you distribute the grease better. The grease sprays are very easy to use, so you can carry out your daily lubricating tasks and maintenance activities with great ease. Direct to Interflon grease sprays.

Food grade grease

Food grade lubricating grease from Interflon can be used without problems in environments in which food contact is possible or unavoidable. Read more about food grade lubricants.

Why you should choose Interflon lubricants:

  • lower maintenance costs
  • improved availability of your production resources
  • extended life of machines
  • increased output
  • lower energy consumption and CO2 footprint

Would you like to know which oil you need? Contact us and start lubricating cleaner and smarter!