PI Interflon Clean OTR



Powerful biodegradable Cleaner / deoxidiser

LeafGuard-Clean OTR (Rail)

The cleaner has a quick activation time (1-2 minutes) no need to rinse with water or wipe as the product self-cleans and leaves a micro layer which re activates with rainwater and moisture, the surface stays cleaner for longer.

The product does not damage steel rubber plastic or reflective coatings so is safe around cabling and insulators / pads and speed board signage.

The product reduces the time it takes to clean the railhead and therefore reduce degraded working and delays to passenger travel. It allows seasonal teams to restore track circuits which have failed wrong side and therefore reduce the risk of further safety events.


Rapid cleaning of steel rail surfaces to rid organic leaf contamination which cause wheel adhesion issues as well as insulation and track circuit failures. For removing oxidisation of steel rail surfaces, also removes heavy break dust from speed board signage as well as organic matter. Also suitable to be used in a bath to submerge steel parts to remove heavy corrosion.


  • Ready to use or can be diluted with water
  • Rapid activation time and results
  • Re activation layer left behind
  • Long lasting results
  • Will not attack paint, rubber or plastic
  • A multi cleaning product