PI Interflon Ice Guard


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For lubrication of the overhead wires to reduce wear and to prevent ice and frost in winter.


Extreme performance rail switch point lubricant, fortified with MicPol®. With exceptional resistance to the weather and contamination conditions typical for rail point applications. Designed with a view to operating a much safer and cleaner, more reliable and cost effective rail network.

The fluid naturally goes on wet. It creeps over the slide chair to displace water and penetrate under the switch rail, into the switch heel and other inaccessible areas to cleanse and break down corrosion, old grease and other deposits.

At the same time, the product forms a highly durable lubrication film that virtually eliminates wear whilst repelling moisture, brake dust, sand and other abrasives. Virtually impervious to sunlight, rain & temperature changes

Doubles, triples – or even quadruples point lubrication intervals

Eliminates the requirement of cleaning and safely extends lubrication Intervals to up to a month in order to slash your lubrication labour cost and lubricant consumption rates.

Clearly a cut above the rest. Highly recommended by leading rail track operators. A very different approach to point lubrication with proven, repeatable cost savings.

  • Considerably lower lubrication labour costs, lubricant consumption rates and less wear and tear of points
  • Drastic reduction in point failures
  • Eliminates cleaning and contaminated material
  • Reduced lateral forces on the track with considerable less load on switch machines
  • Proven results on thousands of sets of points over many years

Product Application Areas

Excellent choice for the lubrication of almost all moving parts of a set of points in all climates and weather conditions.