Fin Super Dry Lube


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Universal dry film lubricant with MicPol® technology

Fin Super Dry Lube

Multipurpose penetrating dry long-lasting lubricant for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Repels water, dust, sand and other contaminants. Removes and prevents rust.

Cleans, lubricates and protects (CLP). Goes on wet, cleanses, displaces moisture, breaks down deposits and penetrates even into the most inaccessible areas. Loosens seized, rusted and frozen parts and prevents the formation of rust and other corrosives. Holds up to high pressures, resists water wash-off and will not attract dirt, dust and other abrasives.


  • Reduction of wear
  • Contains no propellant > 100% product
  • Small, practical packaging for easy handling
  • Clean and dry lubricant, does not drip
  • Longer lasting
  • Replaces many other products
  • Water resistant
  • Frees sticking parts
  • Cleans and protects against corrosion
  • Dirt does not stick to the dry film
  • Stable lubricating film with MicPol® No stick slip

Where parts are exposed to contamination or moisture, they need to be coated to prevent rust and corrosion; providing protection where conventional lubricants fail. Excellent choice for the lubrication of bikes, fishing equipment, locks, doors, skateboards/skates, watercrafts, boats, electrical components (dielectric), cars/
trucks, blades, wire ropes, zippers, hinges and many other applications.


Interflon for bicycle maintenance all year around

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Interflon for maintenance of your fishing equipment all year around

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Interflon for your home maintenance all year around

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