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Interflon obtains ISO 21469 certification

We obtained the ISO 21469 certification for our manufacturing facilities! The internationally ISO 21469 certification recognizes hygiene requirements for formulation, manufacture, use and handling of products. Using ISO 21469 certified lubricants will reduce the risk of contamination.

This International Standard specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, manufacture, use and handling of NSF-H1 lubricants which, during manufacture and processing, can come into incidental contact with products and packaging used in the food, food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tobacco or animal-feeding-stuffs industries.

“The ISO 21469 certification process also reviews the level of quality control applied to the formulation, manufacturing, distribution and storage of the lubricant to ensure it complies with the highest standards of hygiene,” says Pieter-Dave Boekel, Manager Operations at Interflon. The NSF ISO 21469 certification indicates that our products are being manufactured through a hygienic process to avoid risks for contamination.”

ISO 21469 certificate and product listing

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