Interflon develops and manufactures specialised lubricants

Resulting in superior performance and major cost savings

Interflon is active worldwide in reducing maintenance costs and energy use, using lubricants that reduce friction more than ordinary petrochemical lubricants. Read more

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EU Ecolabel certification

Interflon Fin Clean All² - our food grade label-free multi-purpose cleaner - obtained the EU Ecolabel certification! This certification ...

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Interflon Metal Clean F (aerosol)

Multi-purpose Cleaner and Degreaser with NSF H1 approval for use in the food processing industry. Removes oil, grease, etc. from surfaces. Evaporates...

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Cardboard industry

Most machines in the cardboard industry are exposed to paper dust, steam, water and heat during the production process.

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Lubrication Consultants

Your lubrication technical maintenance under the microscope requires a specialist with the necessary experience and technical knowledge. Precisely specifically ind.....

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