Cardboard industry

Optimisation of the production process

Improved energy efficiency


Most machines in the cardboard industry are exposed to paper dust, steam, water and heat during the production process. In addition, the machines often perform 24/7 and at high speeds. Therefore, each manufacturer wants to optimise the availability of their (corrugated) cardboard machines and continuously looks for productivity improvements.

To achieve these objectives, Interflon has developed special lubricants that can withstand tough conditions. Interflon products are superior, particularly in damp or dusty environments.


Interflon has the knowledge needed to meet all relevant requirements. We can supply the right lubricant for every environment.

Based on our many years experience, Interflon offers lubrication solutions that are tailored to your specific operational conditions, such as in terms of the ISO, BRC, GMP, AIB and HACCP standards and guidelines.


Our goal is to offer you special lubricants of a constant high quality.

Highly specialised technical consultants will assist you in making the right choice. To do so, they have specific know-how applicable within the cardboard industry. Moreover, these specialists are always willing to respond quickly to your questions about lubricants and lubrication. Not just nationally: Interflon boasts a global network of specialists for which we are renowned.

In recent years, Interflon has taken lubrication maintenance to a whole new level. Our integral approach has enabled us to offer a comprehensive process centring on the maintenance department.


A distinctive element in the process is Interflon’s support in the period after the improvements have been made, the maintenance software has been implemented and the people have been trained. After all, practice shows that people need time to accept change. Only proper assistance and continuous stimulation to work in accordance with the new methods will result in complete acceptance and the desired end result.


In this phase, the measures taken are evaluated and adjusted where necessary. For instance in relation to the lubrication frequency. Interflon staff will be on site regularly to answer questions, give tips and carry out control measurements, for example to determine the quality of a specific lubricant.

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