New powerful cleaner!

Clean Safe, powerful and safe alternative to aggressive acid cleaners

No need to spend time and money on safety measures

Clean Safe is based on an entirely new synthetic technology, F-Active. A safe and environmentally friendly alternative, specially developed to remove limescale, cement, urine and other deposits that used to require hazardous acid or alkaline cleaners.

This cleaning agent does not give off any aggressive vapours or odours and it has a long-lasting effect. As a result, it can even be used at night to soak off even the most persistent deposits/rust. Perfect for safely descaling and removing rust in immersion baths. Clean Safe does not dissolve rust, but loosens it. That way, the metal skin is not damaged.


Clean Safe can be used to safely descale cooling towers, heating coils, boilers and other equipment in the food industry, hospitals and even nuclear power plants. For removing cement and concrete veils on floors, equipment, machines, etc.

Properties and advantages

  • Biodegradable - OECD 301D
  • Has a mild odour
  • Food grade - NSF
  • Does not dissolve metals, prevents wall erosion


A water-based cleaning agent without volatile solvents that is safe for humans and the environment. Is not subject to hazardous substances regulations. No special measures needed for storage and transport. Wearing safety goggles and gloves is, therefore, not mandatory (although it is still advisable).


Colour pale yellow
Composition synthetic acid components, water and F-Active surfactants
PH 1

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