New Heavy Duty grease!

New generation of Heavy Duty grease

Adhesive, semi-synthetic grease with MicPol®. Suitable for extreme high-pressure applications, dusty and wet environments and increased temperatures. Perfect as a solvent-free anti-corrosion agent. The new and improved, innovative Interflon Technology means we can offer a grease with a unique, unprecedented performance.

Powerhouse among greases

A grease that can be used for almost all applications. Perfect for bearings, pin and bush joints, cables, chains, open transmissions, gear racks, spindles and many other applications where high pressure, (salt) water, dust, moisture and temperatures are factors that complicate a machine’s optimal performance. The grease does not secrete oil under pressure, making it perfect for use in automatic lubricating systems and dusty environments. Grease HD2 outperforms all other High Performance grease and is compatible with Li, Ca and Li/Ca lubricating greases.


Machines in the civil engineering sector, such as excavators, asphalting machines and asphalt mixers, as well as machines for agriculture, bridges, weirs, shipping & fishing, offshore, dredging, steel industry, paper industry, construction, transport sector and many other applications.

Properties and advantages

  • Waterproof
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • High pressure resistance
  • Emergency running characteristics
  • Excellent adhesion


Colour Brown
Composition Calcium sulfonate, thickener, mineral and synthetic base oils, MicPol® and additives
N.L.G.I. (ASTM D217) 2
Temperature range - 25 °C – + 160 °C
DN-Factor 500.000
Four-ball welding load DIN 51350-4 > 7500N

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