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Dedicated lubricants = Saving on maintenance

Faber Pallets specialises in orders of quantities up to 5,000 pieces and promises quick delivery. Automation has become indispensable in realising their commitment. Stoppage is no longer tolerated. High-performance lubricants figure significantly in the scheme of things.

Mark Neuteboom, head of Engineering at Faber Pallets says: “We can deliver pallets quickly and in any size imaginable. We can do that because it takes us only 20 seconds to 30 minutes at most to reset our production lines. Orders received in the morning can be delivered the same afternoon. Continuity is essential for producing a daily output of approximately 2,500 pallets.”


“Consequently, lubrication has become an increasingly important factor to us. Customer demands also cause us to deal critically with lubricants because a pallet marred with a blob of oil or grease is not good enough nowadays. There are plenty of opportunities in pallet factories for grease and oil to be transferred,” says Neuteboom. “Via chains, gear cases - you name it. Our planers run 16 hours a day at 3,000 revolutions and have to absorb the heavy forces of wood being inserted. Machines also have a lot to endure due to weather conditions. Take, for instance, processing wood that comes straight from the freezing cold.”

Higher efficiency,lower maintenance costs, Mark is responsible for the entire maintenance process and as such decided to switch to high performance lubricants. Neuteboom: “As a boffin you don’t just consider the cost price of lubricants, but more importantly how you can benefit. I can demonstrably prove that we can work more efficiently at lower maintenance costs by adopting a more astute lubricating policy. Service is another very important consideration. We work with business associates who can be reached as required no matter the time of day or night. Albert Steeman of Interflon is a good example. Most suppliers of lubricants only come by to drop off their product. Albert mucks in. Teamwork and support are standard practice for him.


Our first step was to introduce structure to our lubricants. This helped to prevent confusion as to which product to use where. We then looked into our machinery. Four and a half years ago we decided to lubricate our 4-sided planer with Interflon Fin Grease MP00 sustainable semi-fluid EP grease. That was because the machine failed 6-7 hours a week. Oil leakage was immediately a thing of the past. Now, more than four years later, the chains and gears have still not needed replacing. Failures and wear occur seldom now. A technician comes by only 2 days a year to check all parts. Besides the excellent results on our planer, we have achieved similar results on our hydraulic systems and pallet machines. We have also devoted more attention to centralised lubrication. Our chains are now automatically lubricated with Interflon Fin Lube PN 32, providing better protection against corrosion, dirt and wear.

Saving time and money

Lubrication is well under control now. We use less lubricant, our machines perform better and we save time and money because the lubricants we use prevent machine stoppage and improve machine performance. Our customers can count on us. Faber Pallets can count on Interflon.”

TIM 1 2013 - by Jopie Bijl

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