Operational Excellence

Your machinery is the crux of your organization. After all, producing products at the lowest possible cost is a constant challenge. Interflon helps companies around the world cut their maintenance costs and energy use with advanced lubricants that reduce friction better than standard petrochemical lubricants. Less friction means less wear and tear and energy use and more reliable production. The company’s 33 years of experience have resulted in high-quality lubricants with MicPol® technology. Interflon also offers a complete package of maintenance services, making it a professional partner for your lubricant technology solutions. Excellent maintenance has become essential for ensuring cost efficiency. Our products and services help you improve processes and optimize machine efficiency.

MicPol® technology

The premise behind our technology is that 80% of all wear and tear stems from cold starts, starting and stopping and changing loads. Viewing our clients’ problems through the lens of our years of expertise enables us to continuously develop revolutionary products. MicPol® is an innovative technology that reduces friction more effectively than conventional oils and lubricants. Interflon lubricants provide lubrication that is practically equal to hydrodynamic lubrication, making start-up friction no greater than the friction of motion. Through a unique process of micronization and polarization, Interflon lubricants work exactly where they are supposed to - under all conditions.

Micronization; Combinations of specially selected additives are refined to an optimum particle size of between 0.05 and 15 microns, allowing them to optimally penetrate the metal surface being lubricated''.

Polarization; Additives are specially processed to achieve outstanding adhesion to metal surfaces.

Transitioning from routine maintenance to dynamic process

Lubricant technology involves more than simply supplying a good product. Your machinery must perform at ever-higher levels. Sturdy machines designed to produce, for example, two hundred thousand parts a day, must now produce five to ten times that on a regular basis. Instead of being a routine process, technical maintenance becomes a dynamic process, in which critical applications must be closely monitored. Interflon fits in seamlessly with this. Before we deliver any products, we follow a number of important steps. Firstly, we perform a technical analysis together with a maintenance expert from your company. Our inventorization includes a critical examination of applications, current products, their performance, hardware, environmental factors and client needs. This helps us evaluate whether lubricant-based maintenance can indeed meet all expectations. Leaks, increased wear and tear, debris attachment and so forth are the kinds of disruptive factors that occur on a daily basis, which people are not always aware of. Based on our evaluation, we then draw up a list of concrete improvement goals.

Complete service

Apart from the initial consultation, it is also vital to provide feedback on maintenance issues and respond to them swiftly. Recording and exchanging information through strong internal communications is essential for successful process improvement. Only through the efforts of all parties involved can lasting results be expected from any process optimization, so that Operational Excellence can be attained. Interflon’s technical advisors and lubrication consultants possess a high degree of engineering knowledge to clearly detail the lubricant technology maintenance solutions at your disposal. Measuring, monitoring, training and evaluation are their daily job. The combination of premium lubricants, complete maintenance software and an international colour code system constitutes a formula for success that has helped many companies realize worthwhile energy and maintenance cost savings and process improvements such as TPM and 5S.

Source: NVDO Jubileumboek - Nov 2013

author: Jopie Bijl

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