Interflon Food Grease HD00

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Semi-liquid ‘Heavy duty’ grease

A semi-liquid grease with good adhesive properties for industrial gearboxes and machinery components using automatic oil and grease lubrication. Resistant to extremely high pressure applications, dusty and wet environments, as well as high temperatures. Moreover, Interflon Food Grease HD00 can be used as a solvent-free corrosion inhibitor . This Dual Purpose, heavy duty grease is NSF H-1 listed for use within the food industry.

The liquid grease powerhouse

In combination with Interflon Food Grease HD00 the innovative Interflon technology enables us to offer long lasting gearbox grease with low friction. This not only helps you work cost-effectively but the environment is considerably helped through, among others, reduced grease and energy consumption. You’ll no longer need a separate corrosion inhibitor. Emergency mode properties guaranteed by using MicPol®.


Gearboxes, bearings, pistons, cables, chains, a range of applications where high pressure, dust, moisture, steam, and temperatures are complicating factors. Used among others in the fishing industry, agriculture, machinery in contact with food, food industry, abattoirs, cleaning equipment in meat processing plants, anywhere where steam and hot water are used, etc…


  • Water-resistant, sealing and corrosion-inhibitive
  • Excellent lubrication properties.
  • Helps prevent oil leakages.
  • High temperatures and speeds
  • Compatible with Li, Ca and Li/Ca greases
  • Suitable for automatic lubrication systems

Data sheets, Certifications and References

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