Interflon Grease HS2

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Synthetic grease for high speeds

Certain operating conditions can be highly detrimental to expensive production machines. Machines in the metal industry run at high speeds, chemical industries have to deal with caustic or damp circumstances. Production stoppages cost a lot of money and are best avoided. Good lubrication maintenance reduces the wear of expensive machine parts. Disruptions are reduced, operational safety increased.

High speed applications

Interflon MicPol® technology combined with a brand new thickening technology makes it possible to develop a unique synthetic grease for extremely high speeds. Interflon Grease HS2 is also chemical resistant and able to withstand damp operating conditions. The perfect solution for CNC machines where spindles and bearings run at extremely high speeds. But also for numerous other high speed applications such as fans and many applications in the metal, chemical or textile industries.

Excellent adhesion

Interflon Grease HS2 has very good anti-wear and extreme pressure properties and can be used with delicate materials such as aluminum, ceramics and elastomers. Lubrication properties are unequaled and the tool life can be extended up to six times.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Longer tool life
  • Unique lubrication properties
  • Emergency lubrication
  • Chemical resistant
  • For very high speeds (DN factor >1,000,000)

Data sheets, Certifications and References

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