Interflon Simalube filling set

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For quick and clean filling or refilling of simalube lubricators


  • No more messy fiddling with a grease gun
  • Fills a 125 ml simalube in four strokes
  • Filling from an Interflon Lube-Shuttle grease cartridge
  • Including torque wrench; always the right moment of force to activate the battery
  • Fill according to the simulabe instructions
  • No loss of grease and no contamination
  • Saves time and cleaning work
  • Pleasant working with simalube
  • Durable material, one-off purchase

Product number

Interflon simalube filling set: 7212

Data sheets, Certifications and References

Washer - Lavatec:

Drive Roller BearingsBearing Manufacturer: SKF (various types of bearings).

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