Interflon Lube HT (SF)

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High temperature, extreme pressure chain lubricant

High temperature chain lubricant, fortified MicPol®. Designed for the lubrication of chains and other machine parts exposed to high temperatures and extreme loads.

Sets up a highly durable lubrication film that reduces friction and virtually eliminates wear. Resist high pressures and temperatures up to +245°C, even up to +270°C for short periods. NSF listed for applications where no contact with food products is expected.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages  

  • Significant reduction of friction and wear for reduced chain drag
  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Resists high impact loads at elevated temperatures
  • Excellent emergency-run characteristics
  • Reduces power consumption

Product Application Areas

Where parts used in food processing areas are exposed to high temperatures and extreme pressure or where conventional lubricants do not last long enough.

Suitable for the lubrication of chains, chain rollers, cables, pins, sprockets and many other machine parts used in food processing equipment, food packaging and logistics, baking ovens, bakery machines, mixers, drying ovens, muffle furnaces and printing machines as well as equipment used at brick and sandstone fabrication environments and in sterilization and coating applications.

Data sheets, Certifications and References

Chain lubrication of a shrinking tunnel.:

Maintenance costs reduced by € 1,646 per year and 5x longer lubrication interval.

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