Interflon Dry Clean Stainless Steel (aerosol)

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Food Grade Stainless Steel Cleaner & Preservative

Stainless steel cleaner and preservative that cleanses, restores gloss, retards tarnishing and gives stainless steel long lasting corrosion protection in one go. Masks irregularities and removes discolorations. Leaves a microscopic thin coating that feels dry to the touch, providing a long lasting protection against flash rust, corrosion, finger prints, bacteria, watermarks and dirt.

Makes Stainless Steel maintenance amazingly simple.

The pre-eminent choice for maintaining and protecting brushed and matte stainless steel surfaces. Particularly suitable for the use in clean room and HACCP environments where fresh foods and beverages receive less than stringent sterilizing preparation. Outperforms all other known products on the market to satisfy the needs of our most demanding clients.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages  

  • Makes stainless steel maintenance amazingly simple
  • Prolongs "like new" brilliant shine
  • Retards tarnishing, corrosion, bacteria and water marks
  • Prevents discoloration, dirt accretion, streaks and finger prints
  • Contains no acids, alkali or abrasives
  • NSF K1 listed for use in food industry.

Product Application Areas

Applications include food and beverage processing machinery, kitchen equipment and many other fixtures used in areas requiring hygienic and food grade procedures apply in accordance with HACCP. Also very suitable for the use in stores, offices, airports, elevators, stairwells, trade shows/fairs, architectural features, and numerous other aesthetically applications.

Data sheets, Certifications and References

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