Interflon Bio Dry Coating Rail

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Special dry coating for railway points

Interflon Bio Dry Rail Coating was developed to reduce the amount of maintenance required, to reduce soiling of the sleepers and pollution of the soil, groundwater and bodies of surface water, and to improve safety, economic life, availability and reliability of the railway infrastructure.

High requirements

The requirements are very high, because environmental influences such as rain, snow, dust, frost and sun destroy any conventional lubricating film. Interflon Bio Dry Coating Rail has been specially developed and successfully tested to withstand these effects.

More than just lubrication

Many years of practical experience and knowledge regarding the particular problems related to points formed the basis for a fundamentally new approach: a coating that can be applied easily, quickly and economically using a sprayer to form a stable film that improves the performance of the treated parts enormously. The parts remain dry, do not attract dirt any more and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, Interflon Bio Dry Coating Rail is quickly biodegradable and thus has less impact on the environment.

Properties and advantages

  • Interflon Bio Dry Coating Rail is quickly biodegradable (OECD 301-F).
  • Can be applied to wet points.
  • Interflon Bio Dry Coating Rail is not affected by exposure to the sun, ice or temperature fluctuations.
  • Clean all parts thoroughly before applying.

Examples of applications

To apply a dust and moisture repellent coating on points and railway infrastructure.

Data sheets, Certifications and References

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