Interflon Grease MP1

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Long-life universal lubricating grease

Universal lithium complex grease for general lubrication of industrial machinery, tools and vehicles. With MicPol® for optimum lubricating properties, excellent (bearing) sealing and much longer lubrication intervals. Highly resistant to water, chemicals and other common forms of soiling. Use-able within wide RPM and temperature ranges. Also suitable for automatic lubrication systems.

Saves maintenance costs

Intended to extend useful lives and save costs thanks to the excellent bearing sealing properties and very low friction. Lubricant consumption decreases dramatically and the life of machine parts is extended.

Properties and advantages

  • Suitable for most lubrication points
  • Significant reduction in friction and wear
  • Reduces grease consumption
  • Highly resistant to water, corrosion and pressure loads
  • Excellent emergency running properties


Intended for the (automatic) lubrication of most ball bearings, roller bearings and slide bearings, gear transmissions, guides, pin bush couplings and many other revolving or moving machine parts, whether they be fast or slow, even when under heavy loads and/or used intensively in humid or dirty environments.

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