Conveyor System - Jensen

Conveyor System - Jensen

Chains and Guide Ways

Interflon Lube TF

Initial situation

Problem: The chain used to jam in the guide, causing it to break leading to frequent downtime. The previous lubricant used to drip on to garments, resulting in costly damage.

Environment: Steam at temperatures of up to 150 C, dust, textile fluff, extreme dryness; Previous product used: Conventional Oil (up to 270°C) - lubrication intervals of once per week (20 cans consumed each month).

Our solution

Interflon Lube TF, a dry lubricant that displaces moisture and protects against corrosion and is suitable for open lubrication points such as chains, cables, chutes, etc. was used.


- No need for further garment washing; - Increased lubrication interval; - Now only lubricated once a month; - 4 times longer lubrication interval; - Only 7 aerosols now required per month; - Savings of £ 716 per month.