Optimal lubrication of bottle conveyors.

Optimal lubrication of bottle conveyors.

€11,250 saved through fewer production outages due to damaged bearings.

Interflon Food Grease 2

Initial situation

At a large filling plant, 100 bearings with bearing shells are in use in the bottle conveyors. Despite the rubber lips, the previously used EP Grease kept on getting washed out. 10 to 20 damaged bearings was not a rare occurrence.

Our solution

Interflon Food Grease 2 was used. This grease is water and pressure-resistant and does not seep out of the bearings. It is not washed out and protects against the penetration of dust and dirt.


Since Interflon Food Grease 2 has been used, there have been no noises, no washing out of grease and no production outages over a period of two years. This optimization resulted in a savings of €11,250 in production outages.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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