Lubrication of flange rollers in a filling plant.

Lubrication of flange rollers in a filling plant.

€1,400 saved through optim­izati­on of the flange rollers.

Interflon Food Lube

Initial situation

At a beverage filling plant, 42,000 bottles are sealed per day. The flange rollers of the screw-top bottle closing machine became resinous and, depending on the product being filled, had to be cleaned and lubricated several times a day.

Our solution

Interflon Food Lube was used. This lubricant is water-resistant and displaces moisture. It is also a product that has been specially developed for use in the beverage industry.


Using Interflon Food Lube, lubrication only has to be applied once a day. This means a yearly saving of 40 hours unnecessary maintenance work. As a result, €1,400 can be invested elsewhere.b

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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