Interflon Eco EM100+ and Interflon Parts Cleaner

A perfect match

Interflon has a special promotion of our 60 liter drum degreaser Interflon Eco EM100+ in combination with the Interflon Parts cleaner! The Interflon Parts Cleaner makes it possible to work in a clean and safe way with Interflon Eco EM100+.

Eco EM100 and Parts Cleaner newsarticle page

Interflon Eco EM100+, our user and environmentally friendly degreasing cleaner, free of VOC, NSF registered and having a very high flash-point (162C) is excellent for use in confined areas, sensitive outdoor environments, areas where HACCP procedures are applied, industrial manufacturing plants and many other places.

Interflon Parts Cleaner, is a robust designed parts cleaner for use with Interflon Eco EM100+. This parts cleaner is suitable for use in workshops, industrial maintenance areas and garages. It is a sustainable, simple and safe to use equipment.

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