The Interflon and Rotalube Partnership extends the life of chain

Chain Lubrication Solutions

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How the lubricant is applied onto the chain is key to a successful result. Interflon Rotalube offer you unique solutions to deliver precise amounts of lubricant. Interflon Rotalube sprockets are designed to apply lubricant to the pins of the chain accurately irrespective of chain speed or stretch. Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions can help you increase productivity and avoid unscheduled downtime by delivering the right amount of lubrication at the right place. Interflon and Rotalube: the best of two worlds!

Safest lubrication solutions of inaccessible chains during production

The unique Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions allow you to lubricate inaccessible chains during production. You can choose for remote dosing of chain lubrication using a spray can or a central lubrication system. Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions are the safest solutions to lubricate chains that are hard to reach due to covers or safety fences. The innovative system is sustainable, has a long life span, is easy to install. It is also suitable for cleaning chains with air and for chain speed up to 40 meters per minute. Solutions for the 6 most common sizes of simplex and duplex chains are available to you. You can use Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions in combination with the following Interflon aerosols: Interflon Fin Super, Interflon Lube TF, Interflon Food Lube, Interflon Food Lube G, Interflon Lube EP+ Interflon HT.

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Many (food) companies - like the Greenery - have chosen for an Interflon - Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solution and benefited from time savings, less wear, easy and safe lubrication and a longer lifetime of the chain.

Less lubricants, less energy, less downtime

Next to lubrication, precisely where necessary, during production in areas that are difficult to access, and safe working conditions, Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions will extend the service life of the chains of your machines. In addition you will use a minimal of oil and less energy thanks to optimal lubrication. Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions will lead to less downtime as the accurate amount of oil is being applied on the precise place onto the chain as it is in production.

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For specific applications we can provide you with a custom- engineered automatic chain lubrication solution to optimize your chain lubrication. You can count on extensive options for the lubrication of special chains in exceptional circumstances. For example, chains with built-on accessories, fast-running chains, chains in very warm environments, chains in the food industry, very heavy chains, etc. Safe working conditions, less downtime, cost-savings, and minimal maintenance are just a few of the benefits you can count on.

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