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Interflon is fully operational in these challenging times. Of course, we comply with the hygiene rules. In order to reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus as much as possible, our staff can be reached by telephone or video calls. We are happy to help you keep your production running.


Lubricants and cleaners are an important link in your production. Without lubricant, machines wear hard and fail prematurely with potentially serious consequential damage. At the start of the coronavirus crisis, we maximised production and have built up excellent stock positions. As it is also difficult for us to predict the future impact on logistics services, we advise you to increase your stock temporarily in order to prevent any problems in the event of an interruption or delay in logistics processes.


Especially now the cleaning of industrial workplaces and other environments is of paramount importance. We are pleased to help you with products such as:

Interflon Power Wipes (NSF-A1): These strong cleaning cloths are practical and easy to use for cleaning tools, industrial workplaces, machine parts, equipment and many other surfaces.

Interflon Foam Clean (NSF-A1): A powerful foam cleaner that quickly breaks down grease and dirt. Developed for cleaning and degreasing all types of glass, acrylic glass, mirrors, screens/monitors/displays, synthetic material, coatings, metal and many other surfaces.

Interflon Fin Clean All2 (NSF-A1): Versatile, highly alkaline, label-free deep cleaner with F-Active Technology for a wide range of applications. Highly concentrated, very effective and very economical to use (dilutable up to 1:200). EU Ecolabel certified and suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, food & drink and other industries.

Interflon Eco Degreaser (NSF-A1): Industrial strength “ready to use” degreaser with F-Active Technology that degrades organic matter ensuring strong cleaning properties. Allows effective cleaning and degreasing of a wide range of surfaces quickly, easily and efficiently. EU Eco-label and Halal certification and suitable for the food industry.

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Interflon wishes you all the best in the coming period. We will do our utmost to help you as best we can. Our Technical Advisors are at your service.

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