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High yield, all-purpose hard surface cleaner

Fin Clean All

Cleans and degreases any hard surface in one application without leaving residues. Cleans engines, machinery, machine parts, conveyors, slides, (food) processing equipment, floors, walls, tiles, deck plates, tarpaulins, points, hard stone surfaces as well as windows, paintwork, cars, upholstery, rims, sanitation fixtures etc. Highly concentrated, water soluble and readily biodegradable. For use in food-stuff environments - NSF Class A1.

Outstanding features

  • Very economical to use
  • Highly concentrated to allow for dilution up till 1:100
  • Can be applied with brush, spray or high pressure jet
  • Leaves no residue after flushing with water
  • Suitable for installations with oil separator
  • Does not contain NTA or EDTA
  • BOSCH N2580 complient

Product Application Areas
Excellent choice for the use in factories, hospitals, schools, day care centres, institutions, surgeries, offices, public areas and on board of ships. Very effective for cleansing bus, tram, metro, motorbikes, car and train interiors, switch plates and for the removal of waxes, beta-caroteen, vegetable stains and insects.