• Extend your bearing grease lifecycles

    Rolling Bearings

    Imagine what a day at work would be like if only your bearing grease lifecycles could be extended by 10 percent, 25 percent - even 35% or...

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  • How Would You Extend The Life Of A Chain?

    Chain Drives

    Does it frustate you too how much money your business is spending year-on-year on the replacement of chains? Chains often suffer unnecessa...

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  • When Minimum Loss Of Stray Mist Is Required

    Compressed Air Systems

    The use of Interflon compressed air lubricants with exceptionally good lubricity present an attractive alternative for pneumatic installa...

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  • Lasting protection against wear with shock load protection

    Open and Semi-Enclosed Gear Drives

    Open, heavy-duty gear drives are amongst the most difficult applications a lubricant can encounter. Exposed gearing therefore requires a ...

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  • Increase uptime, extend oil life and reduce¬†energy usage

    Enclosed Gear Drives

    Imagine the flexibility and cost benefits of not having to change your oil so frequently.To achieve that, Interflon provides oils, oil ad...

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  • No plant should operate without it


    Would you agree that some 20% of the hydraulic applications at every plant operation would be better served with a lubricant with greater...

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  • Does Your Cable Lubricant Deliver Maximum Durability?

    Cables & Wire Ropes

    Wear resistance and corrosion prevention are the key properties to look for in a carbon steel wire rope lubricant. But why should you use...

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