Rolling Bearings

Extend your bearing grease lifecycles

Imagine what a day at work would be like if only your bearing grease lifecycles could be extended by 10 percent, 25 percent - even 35% or more? With Interflon you can!

Interflon bearing greases are formulated for extended grease lifetime and less premature component failures, even in the most exacting applications.

They provide a dry lubricating film reducing metal-to-metal contact in the bearings, resulting in superior load carrying capability whilst protecting metallic surfaces from corrosion caused by moisture and contamination.

Stay ahead of the game

In this way, our lubrication technology reduces friction and wear significantly better than conventional lubricants, especially in adverse conditions of extreme loads, high and low temperatures, strong contamination and in high water wash areas.

Using Interflon bearing greases, you can expect:  

  • Much lower levels of friction and wear
  • Better bearing protection
  • Extended grease life, even at high pressure
  • Extreme resistance to water washout and spray-off
  • Less rust and corrosion
  • Easier visual inspection due to transparency===

Increase your component reliability

With Interflon, you can increase your component reliability whilst safely extending your service intervals at the same time. To reduce costly maintenance, lubricant consumption and the number of products on stock whilst greatly improving productivity.

Interflon products for Grease-lubricated Bearings

The type, size and usage of your bearings determine the product you can best use. We therefore manufacture several premium products, including:

You can make the difference

Taking advantage of a trial upgrade to Interflon bearing greases at your own plant will cause you to fully understand why using other lubricants is simply no longer the way to go.

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