Open and Semi-Enclosed Gear Drives

Lasting protection against wear with shock load protection

Open, heavy-duty gear drives are amongst the most difficult applications a lubricant can encounter. Exposed gearing therefore requires a lubricant with a long service life that will resist fling-off and provide a tough, transparent anti-wear film of protection.   Have you ever thought about using Interflon?

Interflon lubricants fortified with MicPol® are clearly amongst the most economical type of gear drive lubricants. They are particularly suitable for long service life in applications where high load-carrying capacity under strong contamination and shock load conditions prevail. But why?

Unconventional Technology to save cost

Firstly, the cohesive Interflon lubrication film acts as a long-life friction-reducing interface between the meshing gear tooth surfaces. At the same time however, our unconventional ] acts as a cushion against shock loads whilst wear debris is being dispersed, moisture is resisted and abrasive contaminants will not be attracted.

Characteristics typical for Interflon gear lubricants  

  • Excellent, long lasting protection against wear and corrosion
  • Strong adhesion to your gears
  • Resistant to water washout and spray-off
  • Strong vibration reduction through cushioning ability
  • Excellent long-term stability

Exceptionally Long Lasting Greases fortified with MicPol®  

Interflon products meet the specifications of most gear- and original equipment manufacturers. This exceptionally long lasting, transparent lithium-calcium-complex grease delivers all the aforementioned advantages.

Lubricating protection, even under water!  

Similarly, Interflon manufactures a long-threaded girth gear lubricant for heavy industrial, outdoor and off-shore applications. This transparent, multi-purpose lithium-calcium complex grease ] is formulated for ultimate performance in the most exacting grease applications and water contamination conditions.

Check our full ] when you're searching for other other semifluid, gel or polymer-thickened type of greases or a replacement for asphaltic type greases for use in heavy industry and in food-stuff environments.

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