No plant should operate without it

Would you agree that some 20% of the hydraulic applications at every plant operation would be better served with a lubricant with greater performance capabilities than standard oil?

Interflon makes it easy for you ...

For the lubrication of such high performance stationary and mobile hydraulic applications, Interflon provides premium quality ] and ] that perform at a level higher and offer real performance difference compared to commodity hydraulic lubricants.

A class by itself

Unlike conventional lubricants, these products form an ultra thin lubrication film with a unique structure of nested spheres that lubricate by rolling like miniature ball bearings. They get trapped in the crevices of the surface in your hydraulic system to provide for a very smooth surface and extremely effective and long lasting friction reduction. As a result, you can expect :

  • Reduced wear and power consumption
  • Improved separation from moisture to enhance surface protection 
  • Reduced formation of hard carbon deposits to extend lifecycles 
  • Better resistance to aging to promote longer oil lifecycles
  • Less premature component failures

Any one of these improvements represent a major cost reduction opportunity in itself – in truth for almost any hydraulic systems - delivering a many times the actual cost differential for the higher cost material.

Put your mind at ease

Taking advantage will cause you to fully understand why using commodity lubricants is simply no longer the way to go. Act now!

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