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Equipment and tool rental

Extending maintenance intervals crucial

Companies renting out equipment and tools all know that their customers are negligent (not mine), the rented material will work in harsh environments and there is an increasing shortage of technical people to maintain his equipment.

All this will lead to too many costly outgoing service calls (fire fighting), excessive wear and tear (harsh environment and negligence), frequent oil changes (better safe than sorry) having to discard huge amounts of used oil. All this will result in increasing costs, lower margins and more stress. The use of Interflon products with MicPol® technology will help you extend maintenance intervals (less service calls) and reduce wear and tear.

Some applications in Equipment Rental

Extended oil change intervals by a factor 3!

Both combustion engines and hydraulic systems suffer a lot working in harsh environments and not always in horizontal positions leaving parts without lubrication. Rental companies change the oil mostly before the prescribed number of hours to prevent damage control and unforeseen costly service calls.

With the Interflon MicPol® additives, Finnoly NT500 for combustion engines and Finnoly N251-H for hydraulic systems, we enrich your conventional oil, always leaving a solid MicPol® lubrication film on all parts of the equipment, allowing the lowest friction possible. Typically oil service life will extend by a factor of 3, sometimes even longer, operating temperatures drop proving there is less friction though less wear and tear and there will be no more leakages. This all leads to less service calls and lower maintenance and replacement costs.

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Jim whitton dual drive hst system

Easier to clean tools after returning

After customers have returned their tools, maintenance has to be done prepare them for next rentals meeting certain safety standards. Cleaning can be time consuming, because cement and concrete residues but also sand and mud has attached heavily on the tools. And because of the harsh environment and customer's negligence, tools have suffered. The use of conventional lubricants makes wear and tear even worse since they don't resist water wash-off and everything sticks to them, creating an abrasive paste.

Interflon Grease LS2, a long-threaded grease with MicPol®, does not only support high and shock loads, but is also very water resistant. Does not run out of bearings and forms a seal to prevent contamination to penetrate. Typically lasts 4 to 6 times longer than conventional greases. Interflon Lube TF provides a long-lasting dry MicPol® lubrication film for all parts exposed to the environment, preventing cement, sand etc. sticks to for example chains, threads, guides etc. protecting them against corrosion and making cleaning easier.

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