3 Ways Interflon Food Lube Will Improve Your Business

It saves you money because it's cheaper, faster to apply, and cleaner than other food grade lubricants.

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You're a busy food production line manager...

... which means you are very familiar with one particular law of nature: the more moving pieces there are in a production line, the more things there are to break down. Breakdowns are the bane of your existence, because they mean wasted time, wasted effort, and lost profits. They also most likely mean a honcho breathing down your neck. And who has time for that?

Interflon Food Lube was created for just this reason... To save you:

  1. time
  2. labor
  3. and money!

How does Interflon Food Lube save money?

In many food production facilities, maintenance crews use vegetable oils or vegetable-based greases. If this describes your facility, you are literally pouring money out onto the floor.

Interflon Food Lube is cheaper, lasts longer, and does a better job of lubricating equipment and machinery. It prevents rust and chain stretch, repels dirt and moisture, and lengthens the service life of anything it is applied to. It won't drip on the floor, and it won't collect particles of soil and rust. It dries almost immediately after application and lasts for months under strenuous circumstances.

Case Study #1

The manager of a potato chip manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania noticed rapid chain wear due to the humid environment. He had been using 200 liters (52 gallons) of sunflower oil for lubrication every month. After switching to Interflon Food Lube AL with an automatic dispenser, chain life was extended three times longer, and he found he only needed to use 15-20 liters (4-5 gallons) of lubricant per month. The result? Savings of $36,302 on chains alone!

You can't afford NOT to use Interflon Food Lube!

How does Interflon Food Lube work?

MicPol technology means tiny particles of protectant settle deep into every crack and groove on metal surfaces, creating a magnetic bond that is highly resistant to dirt, rust, and water... even salt water. This thin, dry film displaces moisture, lasts far longer than any wet oil, and does a far better job of reducing friction and wear. This means supply chains can go more than twice as long before needing replacement. When a single chain costs $30,000.00 or more, you know savings are going to add up quickly.

Interflon Food Lube holds up to very high pressures and will not attract dirt or other abrasives.

Case Study #2

A chicken abbattoir in Iowa lubricated its chain loaders every three weeks using a conventional lubricant. This was an expensive operation involving a full production shutdown. The chains siezed often anyway, and they had to be replaced annually due to wear and stretching. After switching to Interflon Food Lube, lubrication was needed only once in 7 months, and wear on the chain was reduced by 50%.

How do I use Interflon Food Lube?

Interflon Food Lube is very easy to apply. After cleaning the surface with Interflon Grease Cleaner, simply spray with Food Lube from the aerosol can, which works in any position. It dries almost instantly and leaves no residue. It will not cause allergic reactions in people with normal skin types.

How many types of Interflon Food Lube are there?

Interflon Food Lube exists in multiple formulations depending on your needs. These include:

  • Interflon Food Lube G - specially formulated for gearboxes.
  • Interflon Food Lube H - made for use on hydraulic equipment.
  • Interflon Food Lube AL - designed for application with an automatic dispenser.
  • Interflon Food Lube LT - for low temperature environments.
  • Interflon Food Lube EPR - extreme pressure rail.
  • Interflon Food Lube HTG - high temperature grease.
  • Interflon Food Lube OG - open gear situations.
  • Interflon Food Lube HD - heavy duty.
  • Interflon Food Lube LS - low speed.
  • Interflon Food Lube HS - high speed.
  • Interflon Food Lube MP - multi-purpose.

Where Do I Use Interflon Food Lube?

Production lines contain a large number of different parts:

  • Chains
  • Rollers
  • Hinges
  • Guideways
  • Conveyor belts

All these pieces have to be kept in good working order, and for the most part, that means:

  • Well lubricated
  • Dirt-free
  • Up to standard

You can use Interflon Food Lube on any surface that may come into contact with food or medicine. Some other common uses include:

  • O-rings
  • espresso machines
  • meat slicers
  • kegs
  • air compressors
  • sausage stuffers
  • charcuterie equipment

Where do I buy Interflon Food Lube?

Interflon Food Lube is available in the U.S. on Amazon.com.

What is a food grade lubricant?

A food grade lubricant is simply a lubricant that has been classified by NSF International to be safe for use in any equipment or machinery that may come into contact with food or medicine. It has been tested and found to be non-harmful when combined with foodstuffs or medicine. Interflon Food Lube is an H1-class food grade lubricant.

You can learn more about food grade lubricants at Wikipedia. You can also read about them at the NSF website.

What are food grade lubricants made of?

Interflon Food Lube is made from renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. View the OSHA HCS Safety Data Sheet.

Where can I buy food grade lubricant?

Buy Interflon Food Lube at our Amazon store.

Can I use Interflon Food Lube in restaurants?

Absolutely. Many of our customers are restaurant owners. Use Interflon food lube on any equipment that requires lubrication and which may come into contact with food, serving utensils, or preparation surfaces.

Can I use Interflon Food Lube at home?

Interflon Food Lube comes in a convenient aerosol can that fits neatly into any storage space: over the stove, tucked inside a cupboard, on a tool shelf, or anywhere else. Anyone can use it! It’s very easy to apply. Simply clean the surface to be lubricated and spray Interflon Food Lube directly on it. You will notice it has a very light odor and dries almost immediately. It will immediately begin to protect from moisture, dirt, and rust.

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