Interflon MicPol® Technology

MicPol® Technology And A New Approach To Lubricants

Interflon lubricants reduce friction more than conventional oils and greases. As a result, you don't have to lubricate your machines as often, they use less energy, and machine parts last longer. Unique Interflon MicPol® technology is what makes this all possible.

MicPol® Technology is one of its kind in the field of lubricants. Combinations of specially selected additives are processed in house using a single technique, namely a unique process of micronisation and polarisation.

Micronisation: decreasing additives to an optimal particle size of 0.05-15 microns, so that they can perfectly penetrate the metal surface to be lubricated.

Polarisation: treating additives to achieve excellent adhesion to the metal surface.

MicPol® Technology leads to unique lubricants with extremely high lubricant and protective properties. This ensures that Interflon products can continue to reduce friction even more than conventional oils and greases, with moisture and dirt barely affecting the lubrication.

Maintenance costs decrease and operational safety is guaranteed, and all because Interflon lubricants are where they are needed most, no matter the circumstances.

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