Interflon Grease MP00

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Semi-Fluid Smooth and Pumpable Lifetime Lubricating Grease

High performance, semi-fluid and easily pumpable lubricating grease with excellent anti-leak features. Engineered to reduce energy and maintenance costs by reducuing wear and incresing lubricant life, even under the most extreme conditions. For a multitude of general machine lubrication applications and the (Lifetime) lubrication of gearboxes. NSF H-2 Food Grade listed. 

Naturally provides better protection against wear and corrosion versus conventional lubricants. Offers a high level of protection against scuffing and micropitting fatigue. Compatible with most commonly used gearbox sealing materials.

This product allows you to safely extend service intervals to reduce costly maintenance, reduce power and lubricant consumption, number of products on stock and component failure whilst improving productivity.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages  

  • Exceptional, long-lasting reduction of friction and wear
  • Outstanding shear stability reduces gear box leakage
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Reduces down time caused by breakdowns and oil changes

Product Application Areas

Applications include the lubrication slow to moderately moving machine parts such as bearings, slides and parts lubricated with central lubrication systems. Best of all, Interflon Grease MP00 can be used for the lubrication of gearboxes, for lowering gear box temperature, preventing and reducing leakages and reducing power consumption.

Data sheets, Certifications and References

Lower gearbox temperatures.:

Oil temperatures in the gearbox reduced by 35 °C.

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