Interflon Food Lube G

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High Performance Multi-Purpose CLP oil with MicPol®

High performance multi-purpose CLP oil. Specially formulated for lubricating and protecting drive and transport chains, gear boxes, guide ways and more under high loads and in wet conditions. Penetrates to the inner parts to significantly reduce friction and wear and increase service life of critical components that operate under extreme circumstances or are hard to re-lubricate. Designed for adverse conditions of extreme loads of up to 35 kg/mm² and strong contamination. Fortified with MicPol® for increased lubricity. Provides long lasting protection against corrosion. NSF® (Class H-1) tested and listed, which gives this oil full acceptability for use in all areas where incidental contact with food, beverages or drugs may occur.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages  

  • Excellent protection against wear at extreme pressure
  • Resists water and dirt and prevents corrosion
  • Less stretching, binding, and ultimate failure of chains
  • Longer gear box oil life at reduced oil temperatures
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Excellent dry run characteristics

Product Application Areas

Excellent, yet very cost effective choice for the lubrication of Chains, Gear Boxes, Guide Ways, Slides, Injection Moulding Machine parts and many other components used in (heavy) industry and for the manufacturing, processing, packaging and transportation of food.

Data sheets, Certifications and References

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