Interflon Finnoly Additive N251-H

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Reduce Wear, Oil Temperature and Power Consumption

Unbeatable Hydraulic Oil additive with MicPol®, engineered for increased performance of mobile and stationary hydraulic systems and energy reduction. Significantly reduces friction, wear and stick-slip effect and increases the life oil used in your hydraulic systems and screw compressors by up to 8 times. Engineered for extending standard hydraulic oil service life by lowering wear and oil temperatures. Provides for excellent lubricity and protection and the lowest possible internal friction of moving parts including the pumps, motors, valves, pistons and cylinders in your hydraulic systems

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages  

  • Reduces friction and wear of critical system components
  • Reduces oil temperature and system leak out
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Reduces deposit formation 
  • Extends drain Intervals

Product Application Areas

Adding 2-5% to most mineral based and biodegradable hydraulic oils in your mobile and stationary hydraulic systems with filters < 10 micron does the trick. Increases lubricity and protects the mains' system, valves, pistons, pumps, motors and cylinders.

Amazingly Simple

Alternatively, Interflon can supply you with the ready-to-go hydraulic oil Interflon Food Lube H with very similar properties. This highly versatile product can also be used for the lubrication of injection moulding machines, in gear boxes and central lubrication systems to cut down on the number of lubricants you now use.

Data sheets, Certifications and References

Reduction of the energy consumption of a hydraulic system.:

Hydraulic press consumes 8% less energy.

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