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Dry film lubricant for clean-room application

High performance, food grade (H1) lubricant with MicPol®. Engineered for the lubrication of chains, conveyors, filling and packaging lines and many other machine parts used in clean rooms in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Goes on wet, displaces moisture and breaks down deposits. Forms a highly durable, dry lubrication film that virtually eliminates wear and protects machinery against corrosion. Holds up to high pressures, resists water wash-off and will not attract dirt, dust and other abrasives.

Particularly suitable for use in clean room and HACCP certified environments, above all where fresh foods and beverages receive less than stringent sterilizing preparation.  Can be applied manually and with automatic lubrication systems.

The product is approved by Krones for clean room applications with number 0901911636.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Excellent, long lasting protection against wear
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Strong resistance to water wash-off and contamination
  • Excellent emergency run characteristics
  • Does not fling off or stain and leaves no residue

Product Application Areas

For the lubrication of conveyor systems, packaging machines and many other food, beverage and medicine manufacturing, preparation and transport machinery used for making dairy products, beers, wines, juices and many other drinks, red meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, bakery products and much, much more. Viable alternative for water and soap lubrication with considerable economical, hygiene and ecological advantages.

Data sheets, Certifications and References

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