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Multi-purpose grease with very wide temperature range

Food Grease MP2

Exceptionally long lasting lubricating grease with MicPol®. For the lubrication of almost any mechanical part of (food stuff) machinery, outdoor equipment, vehicles etc., with slow to medium fast movements and high loads over a medium-high to very low service temperature range.

Fortified with MicPol®, for increased lubricity and much longer re-lubrication intervals. High resistance to water and water washout, most chemicals and other contamination. Particularly suitable for long-term lubrication by virtue of its extremely low tendency towards oxidation.

Listed by the NSF, H-1; for the use in applications with incidental food contact.

Properties and Advantages

  • Excellent choice for a wide range of applications
  • Suitable for extreme low service temperatures
  • Contains MicPol® for increased lubricity
  • Resists water, steam and other contamination
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion

Excellent choice for the lubrication of all your low to medium speed bearings and sliding surfaces, open gears, slide ways, joints, cogs, gear wheels, guides, electric motors and fans, guide tracks, axles, crown gears, spindles, shafts, valves and many other mechanical parts.