Cleaning And Anti-Tack Treatment Of A Cork Stoppers’ Gluing Machine

Cleaning and Anti-Tack Treatment Of A Cork Stoppers’ Gluing Machine

Reduced Cleaning Time At A Cork Stopp­ers’ Manuf­actur­er.

Interflon Food Lube

Initial Situation

The bonding between the main structure and the washers is achieved with glue. For this bonding to be successful, pressure is applied, which causes the excess of glue to be spread on the surface of the machine and its mobile parts. Daily cleaning with chlorinated based flux agents is required to avoid depositions, wear, and malfunctioning.

Our Solution

Interflon Food Lube applied before the start-up of the machine allows for its total cleaning in just 30 minutes, avoiding the use of forbidden products.


Direct saving: $10,365 (income derived from product - cost of 10 L of Interflon Food Lube ) = equal to producing 12,000 stoppers more per day.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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