Protection of sealer grips in a packing machine

Protection of sealer grips in a packing machine

Annual saving of $2,304.

Interflon Food Lube

Initial situation

Due to high temperatures (above 160°C), the sealer grips in the packing machine are subjected to the adherence of burned plastic. This plastic of the bags also adhered to the blades that cut the thermosealed bags, leading to an inaccurate cut. Approximately every 100 bags, the machine needs to be stopped so as to remove the plastic remains with a small blade and thus avoid a poor quality sealing. These downtimes do not last long (between 5 and 10 minutes), but they are frequent (around every 2 production hours). The packing machine operates at a pace of 12 bags per minute; therefore, every downtime amounts to a loss of 60-120 bags. The sealer does not operate 24 hours in a row. The client is accustomed to these production downtimes and assumes these delays as productive, and the losses, as normal.

Our solution

Applying a very thin coat of Interflon Food Lube only once per day and letting it evaporate until starting up the machine the following day is enough to avoid the plastic adherence to the grips and to obtain a top quality sealing.


The client has noticed the absence of downtimes, and, therefore, the lack of product loss and risks of delivering the product with pinholes or leaks. This does not quanify the previous production loss nor the manpower, but does account for the significant improvement of sealing quality, given the absence of plastic or any other agent adherence, and ensures having a final product that matches the quality requirements of his clients.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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