No more dripping or seizure of painting chains

No more dripping or seizure of painting chains

Annual savings of $1,632.

Interflon Lube HT (SF)

Initial situation

The painting chain, which is of great length, performs a multitude of curves within the facilities. The chain is divided in 2 sections: one of them enters the furnace and the other continues its way without entering it. The greatest concern is that the chain has been mounted on site for approximately 3 years now, and signs of wear have already been noticed in some curves. The product used formerly dripped leaving a chain track on the floor, although the amount of lubricant used was not excessive.

Our solution

Interflon Lube HT.


After a visual inspection of the chain track through the lower area, it was noticed that the section lubricated with Interflon Lube HT does not leave any track on the floor. This means that the solution eliminates the dripping. The section lubricated with the former product caused the floors to be slippery and oily. The relubrication period has been extended by a ratio of 3. It should be noted as well that there are savings in order management, and the safety aspect of having no slippery floors or seizure of the bearings.