Optimal lubrication of a coal conveyor belt.

Optimal lubrication of a coal conveyor belt.

$9,305 less energy costs per year on 3 gearboxes.

Interflon Finnoly Additive T251

Initial situation

To avoid costly production outages, the oil in gearboxes was often changed more frequently than necessary. This led to unnecessary shutdowns of machines that could cause production outages.

Our solution

The friction-reducing gear oil additive Interflon Finnoly Additive T251 was used. This additive was mixed with the gear oil in use. Our expert provides on-site assistance with this procedure.


Adding Interflon Finnoly Additive T251 to the conventional gear oil significantly reduced friction in the gearboxes. Oil temperatures were also significantly reduced. This allowed $9,305 to be saved on energy and maintenance costs.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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