Reduced energy consumption for a printing press.

Reduced energy consumption for a printing press.

12.5% less energy consu­mptio­n for a printing machine.

Interflon Finnoly Additive T251

Initial situation

A printing company with 8-colour and 2-colour printers is looking for ways to cut production costs. Can Interflon help?

Our solution

The friction-reducing gear oil additive Interflon Finnoly Additive T251 was used. This additive was mixed with the gear oil in use. Our expert provided on-site assistance.


After adding the Interflon Finnoly Additive T251 to the oil used for the gearbox, the energy consumption of the 8-colour machine was reduced by 12.7%. The energy consumption of the 2-colour machine was reduced by 8%.

These customers already saved between 7 and 11%:


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